Keurig K-Cup Brewing System, Single Cup, Automatic, K40 Elite

Use only K-Cup packs. Always ready and brews in under 1 minute. Choice of 3 cups sizes. Quiet Brew Technology. Enjoy beverages hot or brew them over ice. Removable 48 oz water reservoir. Auto-off feature. BPA free (all parts that come into contact with water or K-Cup pack contents are BPA free). Bonus: 6 K-Cup packs. Always look for the Keurig Brewed seal on over 250 varieties of gourmet coffee, tea & hot cocoa. Removable 48 oz. Water Reservoir: Brews multiple consecutive cups before refilling. Brew Over Ice: Iced tea and iced coffee taste best when fresh-brewed hot over ice. Choose a K-Cup pack, fill a plastic cup with ice and press your favorite cup size. Automatic: Auto-off; Indicator lights. 3 Cup Sizes (Dispensed volume typically 5.25 oz, 7.25 oz and 9.25 oz. Variety pack may not include K-Cup packs pictured. Mugs and plastic cups not included): Small cup (6 oz); Small mug (8 oz); Large mug (10 oz). The Perfect Cup Every Time: Maintains water at the perfect brewing temperature; Delivers the exact amount of water precisely timed for optimal flavor; Monitors water levels to ensure a full cup every time. Removable Drip Tray: Allows room for your travel mug. Bonus 6 K-Cup Packs: Enjoy a sampling of several blends in this bonus K-Cup variety pack. It's as simple as choose. Brew. Enjoy. Choose: Select from over 250 varieties of coffee, tea and hot cocoa from our Keurig Brewed gourmet partners - nearly any flavor you can imagine - brewed hot or over ice. With so many choices, there's always something to make everyone happy. Brew: Place your K-Cup pack in the brewer, lower the handle and press your favorite cup size. It's as simple as that, ready in 60 seconds or less, and there's never any grinding, measuring or clean up. Enjoy: Whether it's a mug of hot coffee in the morning, a relaxing cup of afternoon tea or a refreshing iced beverage, one-cup brewing means it's always fresh and delicious. Every cup. Every time. Keurig Brewed: The only mark of genuine Keurig quality. Keurig Brewed is our promise. Since the beginning, we've been dedicated to the art and science of bringing you the coffee you love, every time. Always look for the Keurig Brewed seal. Keurig Brewed. Keurig K-Cup packs. The coffee you love. Flavor in. Oxygen out. An air tight seal ensures coffee remains fresh and delicious. Always fresh. The finest beans selected, roasted, ground and measured to exacting specifications. What brings out the flavor you love? The ideal brewing environment inside, the perfect grind, advanced filtration and water at the optimum pressure and temperature. Your perfect cup. With over 250 varieties from which to choose, your perfect cup is just seconds away. All this and ,ore at the touch of a button. 250 Varieties from Leading Gourmet Brands: The world's premier coffee, tea and hot cocoa brands trust Keurig to deliver a perfect cup every time. With over 250 varieties of K-Cup packs from our Keurig Brewed gourmet partners, you'll find plenty to suit you and everyone in your household. They're delicious, magically brewed and provide you with nearly unlimited choices. A Delicious World to Discover: To get you started, we've included a bonus variety of 6 K-Cup packs. Brew Over Ice: Brewing every cup fresh is great for hot beverages, but did you know iced tea and iced coffee also taste best when fresh-brewed hot over ice? Try it with your favorite K-Cup pack and you'll know why! Now there are even more refreshing choices no matter what the season. Look for the Brew Over Ice icon on K-Cup packs specially crafted to brew over ice! C/UL/US listed. For household use only. Product may differ slightly from pictures on box. Visit our website at: Printed in China. Made in China.