Juicy Juice Fruitifuls Juice Beverage Blend, Flavored, Punch Splash

From concentrate with other natural flavors. All natural. 35% less sugar than regular juice + 1 full serving of fruit in every box (Each box of Juicy Juice Fruitifuls counts as 1 serving [1/2 cup] of fruit. While most fruit servings should come from whole fruit, Juicy Juice Fruitifuls is an easy way to help kids get their daily servings). No artificial sweeteners. Contains 60% juice. This product is pasteurized. 1 serving (1/2 cup) of fruit. Good food, good life. 35% less sugar than 100% juice. All natural ingredients. No artificial sweeteners. 100% DV of vitamin C. Good to Connect: JuicyJuice.com. NestleUSA.com. 1-800-510-6763 M-F 8am-8pm ET. Nutritional compass. Juicy Juice Fruitifuls contains 14 g of sugar compared to 22 g in a 6.75 fl oz serving of 100% juice.