Jackson's Honest Tortilla Chips, Organic, Blue Corn Sea Salt 10 Oz

Made with nutrient-dense coconut oil. World's first coconut oil tortilla chips. USDA organic. Non GMO Project verified. Ingredients with purpose from a family on a mission. Honest Fact: Coconut oil contains the highest concentration of lauric acid of any food. Lauric acid is well-documented for its antimicrobial properties, giving it a unique ability to fight certain types of viruses and bacteria. Learn more at JacksonsHonest.com. Blue Corn: Our organic, gluten-free, non-GMO corn is grown by farmers who care about our land and rivers. Just like the ancient Mayans, we stone grind our corn using volcanic rock. Then, our proprietary coconut oil cooking process unlocks the taste and nutrition. The key is cooking our organic corn low and slow in nutrient-dense organic coconut oil. It's just one of the ways we are committed to using ingredients and methods that are honestly, deliciously better, and sharing what we've learned with you. Goodness. Pass it on. - Megan Reamer, Founder. Certified organic by QAI. Gluten free. Real Salt. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Jacksonshonest.com. For more coconut oil goodness, be sure to try Jackson's Honest Potato Chips! Good food is about choice. Choice is about knowledge. Knowledge is about sharing. Jackson's Honest is about all of the above. Every Ingredient: Purposely, nutritiously, deliciously chosen. Organic, non-GMO blue corn. Organic, nutrient dense coconut oil. Hint of pure sea salt. Keep the goodness growing. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these chips will be donated to support children's health initiatives. Thanks for your support. Heritage. You are part of the circle. We always seek out farmers who are dedicated to protecting the soil and water, following organic and biodynamic methods to protect our limited resources. Just as important, we support farmers who protect the genetic heritage of the crops they produce, adhering to the standards of the Non-GMO project while following identity preservation protocols. The corn in this bag is rare and valuable because it represents corn's genetic past, present, and future. Growing Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project verified crops is increasingly difficult and expensive. We proudly support these farmers and thank them for ensuring their corn, borne from clean water, healthy soil, and the genetic heritage of thousands of years of cultivation, is available for generations to come. Through their efforts in the soil, ours in manufacturing, and yours in purchasing, we are collectively passing it on. Thank you for completing the loop. Product of Colorado, USA.