Iberia Turbinado Sugar

Pure cane sugar. 100% natural. Iberia Turbinado Sugar is sugar cane-based, has a medium brown color and large crystals. Its unique production process take the first pressing of juice from sugar cane and slowly heats it to crystallize. To complete the drying process, the crystals are then spun in turbines or centrifuges which help to remove impurities, keep a natural coating of sweet golden molasses giving a special flavor, aroma and color to your recipes, coffee and drinks. Iberia Turbinado Sugar is naturally produced from 100% Colombian sugar cane from the Cauca River Valley, a tropical climate region where sugar cane production is possible, throughout the year, allowing us to deliver to you a Turbinado sugar always made with fresh sugar. Questions or comments: Call 1-877-IBERIA1. Visit us at www.iberiafoods.com. Product of Colombia.