Honest Green Tea, Citrus Energy

USDA Organic. EGCG superantioxidant. 250 mg Per bottle. Just a tad sweet. This organic blend gives new meaning to the term green tea. Our Citrus Green Energy Tea earned its name not only because it's a naturally invigorating combination of green tea, Yerba Mate (pronounced Mah-tay), oranges and lemons, but also because we buy renewable energy credits that help offset all the CO2 created along the production chain. And unlike other energy drinks, our tasty tea isn't loaded with extra caffeine, so it's good for both you and the environment. Now that's a sip in the right direction. Epigallocatechin gallate-EGCG-is the superantioxidant, and our organic teas are packed with it. Studies have shown that EGCG helps maintain a healthy heart and neutralize free radicals that damage cells. No GMO's. Gluten free. Contains less than 1% juice. Approximately 1/4 the caffeine of coffee. Certified organic by Pennsylvania Certified Organic.