Goodie Girl Magical Animal Cookies

Certified Gluten free. We put the good in goodies. Baked Without: Artificial colors or preservatives. High fructose corn syrup. Gluten, peanuts, eggs and dairy. As a mom, encouraging creativity in my children is one of my life's passions. Daydreaming and imagination help unlock the creativity that influence us in so many areas of our lives. We are fortunate to live in NYC where art and creativity pulses through us and impacts our view of the world every day without even realizing it. When creating these cookies, I wanted to capture that feeling. So go ahead and be inspired by these fantastical creatures. Unleash your inner unicorn, dream like a mermaid or let your imaginary dragon wings fly free! Stay unique and join us as we - rebel against regular. - Shira. Dream on! Dream big! Sweet, crunchy cookies. Mural by Hektad. Instagram (at)hektad_official. Connect with us (at) Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Instagram. Download your favorite magical animal character coloring pages. Join us and save! Sign up at LEAP: With this purchase, you are supporting our friends at LEAP. Their mission is to provide underserved children with educational arts programs that foster creativity. Thank you for helping us help others. To learn more go to Woman owned. Born in New York. RSPO: Certified sustainable palm oil. Made in USA.