Funny Farms Mac N Cheese Shapes Goat

About Funny Farm: Welcome to the Funny Farm family. We don't use traditional cow milk; our products are made exclusively with goat milk which is predominately A2 milk of happy frolicking goats. Goats are nature's perfect milk source due to the nutritional benefits and low carbon hoofprint. Ounce for ounce, goats deliver more milk per ounce of grass eaten than cows! Goat milk has more protein and is usually easier to digest than cow because the goat milk globule is up to 10 times smaller than that of a cow. Goats weigh about 155 lbs., cows about 1600 lbs. Which matches your body best? Taste what we mean when we say better milk makes better cheese. Our milk & cheese is free of antibiotics and growth hormones. Tasting Notes: Creamy cheddar flavor with no goaty aftertastes; tastes like a homemade mac that satisfies young and old. The cheese blend coats and holds to the macaroni perfectly.