Fruit Bliss Organic Turkish Apricots

Unsulfured. Soft & juicy. Pure & simple snacking. Sun dried and rehydrated with water. Contents may settle in transit. Product sold by weight not volume. Simple Snacking, Pure Bliss: One bite and you'll know exactly how Fruit Bliss got its name. Our passion for creating wholesome snacks with simple ingredients is what makes Fruit Bliss downright delicious. It all started as one health-minded mom's mission for clean snacking for her on-the-go family. Juicy and bursting with flavor, Fruit Bliss organic sun-ripened dried fruit is both soft and mouth-watering thanks to an innovative steaming process that infuses it with water. Indulge in Fruit Bliss for a positively blissful snack that you can feel good about. - Susan. 1. Picked ripe. 2. Sun sweetened. 3. Infused with water. 4. Packed with juicy freshness. Our preservative-free fruits have a natural dark appearance. NEO plastics can increase biogas production at municipal landfills, supporting biogas clean energy programs. See Please discard in the trash. Do not recycle.