Flipz Chocolate Mint Covered Pretzels

Flipz® Chocolate Mint Covered Pretzels. New! Flippin' awesome! Whenever hunger strikes, make sure you've got Filpz® nearby! Flipz® nearby! Flipz are the most Flippin' awesome snack ever! That's because they combine crunchy, salty pretzels with smooth, sweet milk chocolate for an outrageous anytime snack. Anytime is the right time for a Flippin' awesome snack! Flipz, milk chocolate, covered pretzels. Milk chocolate: Rich, luscious milk chocolate. So simple and oh so good! Flipz, white fudge, covered pretzels. White fudge: Creamy sweetness outside, salty crunch inside. Pure heaven! Flipz, dark chocolate, covered pretzels. Dark chocolate: Deep, rich flavor of 50% cacao, loaded with antioxidants. DeMet's® Candy Company. Flipz® is a registered trademark of DeMet's Candy Company. Visit us at www.flipz.com. ©DeMet's Candy Company.