Figgin' Fruit Fig, Strawberry & Chia

Soft baked real fig poppables. No artificial flavors or preservatives. Made with real fruit. No high fructose corn syrup. Dairy free. Vegan. Produced in a peanut free facility. Non GMO Project verified. No GMO ingredients. Go fig or go home. Does better-for-you have to mean boring-for-you? Fig no! It can mean a sweet, poppable fig-shaped bite of real fruits and figs enrobed in a soft-baked whole grain pastry. Wait - it can actually mean a whole pouch of them. They're snackable little nuggets of deliciousness, any time, any place. They're anything you want them to be. Use your figgin imagination. Fulfill your sweet figgin dreams. Made with whole grains. Smile. Fig fanatics. We got you.