Farm To Table, Organic Apple Raisin Whole Grain & Oatmeal

A blend of hearty organic oats, raisins and ancient grains. Smooth texture. Nutty flavor. High in fiber. As healthy as it is delicious and satisfying. Whole grain & oatmeal. USDA certified organic. Non-GMO project verified. Artisanal organic oatmeal craft blended. Brad Bailie Grows Great Food from Living Soil. When Farm to Table visited Brad Bailie's farm in Washington state, we were surprised at the amount of science we saw. As a farmer with a vision, Brad loves to explore the wondrous workings of organics. Brad believes in science that creates connectivity: His cutting edge green-crop organic fertilizer systems feed the microbes that feed the crops that, in turn, feed us. In fact, Brad's research with the USDA and university scientists has made him legendary in the Pacific Northwest. But on a more practical note, his dedication to state-of-the-art organic practices is responsible for the absolute finest grain available. One taste of your breakfast and you'll be very, very happy that Brad is a Farm to Table farmer. Low in fat and sodium. High in dietary fiber. Cholesterol free.