Ernie's All Natural Salsa "Hawaiian Pineapple Heat"

Ernie's All Natural Salsa "Hawaiian Pineapple Heat". Low sodium. Fat free. Hand crafted in small batches. Net Wt. 12 oz. (360 g). Ernie's brand is a "craft" salsa. It is hand blended in small 85 gallon batches using the finest and freshest ingredients. You are purchasing the richest, freshest, most flavorful All Natural Salsa on the market. My Hawaiian Pineapple Heat packs a zesty one two punch of sweet and heat that'll leave your taste buds reeling and having you come back for more. If you don't agree, i'll buy it back. Virginia's finest. *For a full refund send uneaten portion in original jar and receipt to : P.O.Box 14601 Richmond, VA 23221. Browse my other products, drop me a line at