Emerils Barbeque Sauce, Kicked Up Bam B-Q Sauce

For Me, nothing beats that satisfying smokey, all American Flavor of Barbeque. So I created barbeque sauces Emeril Style. And what else I could call them but Bam!BQ Sauces. It's barbeque the way it should be. And I've got a sauce that's just right for whatever you want to grill. Outside or right in your own Kitchen. So don't just Barbecue, Bam BQ. I call it my Kicked Up sauce because it'll kick up whatever you put it on. Chicken, Ribs, Chops, Seafood, this'll do you proud. I start with a rich barbeque base, add some natural Hickory smoke, and a taste of my Red Pepper Sauce for the kick. I love it, and so will you.