Eat Vegetable Korean BBQ

Certified gluten-free. Non-GMO corn. 8 delicious veggies in every ounce. So light and crispy. Raised as veggies - sold as chips. Non-GMO ingredients. Certified gluten-free. No MSG. No cholesterol. Vegan. No nuts. Eat Your Vegetables contains an excellent source of Vitamins A & C, and a good source of vitamins D, E, Thiamin (B1) & B6. Don't let the name food you, they're delicious. Eat Your Vegetables is a revelation in snacking! The goodness of 8 delicious veggies - in every ounce - crafted into an irresistibly crispy, crunchy, completely munchable chip. EYV Chips: Veggie heart. Chip soul. - Mary. Try with your favorite dip. For great promotions & coupons:;; Visit us at or call 1-866-892-5365. Processed in a facility that does not manufacture any products containing nuts (tree or peanut). Made in the USA.