Dr. McDougall's Vegan Noodle Soup Chicken Flavor Lower Sodium

Dr. McDougall's® Chicken Flavor Lower Sodium Vegan Noodle Soup. Right Foods. About 40% less sodium than competitive product*. Serving suggestion. Enjoy this American classic chicken flavor noodle Soup. No chickens were harmed in its making, and it's one of our most popular lower sodium soups. *Dr. McDougall's right foods' lower sodium chicken flavored noodle soup has 370 mg sodium per serving. The closest competitive product has 670 mg sodium per serving. Sustaining The Earth Sustaining You®. Dr. McDougall's new book, "The Starch Solution" is available on amazaon.com and at finer bookstores everywhere. Sourced. No BPA. Sustainable Forestry Initiative. Certified sourcing. www.sfiprogram.org. Vegan. www.rightfoods.com.