Deity of Hair Shampoo, Plant, for Hair Loss, Acceleration Hair Growth Formula

100% natural plant. Helps stop hair loss. Cleans scalp naturally. Thickens hair. Helps healthy papilla, hair bulb and follicles. Accelerates healthy hair growth. The Deity of Hair and Deity America Natural Hair Care products have been formulated with the finest quality natural ingredients and plant extracting technologies to help stop hair loss naturally. These natural plant extracts have been used for hundreds of years and researched and developed by Chinese and Tibetan cosmetic experts in the field of traditional Chinese medicines. This fabulous product highly effective Deity of Hair Plant Shampoo for Hair Loss has been developed to help all people with hair loss problems. Through super critical extracting technology and natural sciences, Tibetan secret formulas, dynamic growth elements, effective herbal essences and balancing botanicals Deity of Hair Plant Shampoo for Hair Loss with patience and used as directed will help stop hair loss and maintain healthy capillary vessels, papilla, scalp and follicles which then will nourish the hair bulb which then will maintain a healthy scalp help stop hair loss and help accelerate hair growth naturally. These natural Tibetan secret formulas along with secret plant extracts will have unbelievable great positive results on your scalp and hair naturally. It's for real!! Deity of Hair and Deity America has a full line of natural hair care. Please visit us at Excessive secretions of oils (seborretheic alopecia). Excessive secretions of androgen (pathological alopecia). Deficiency of trace elements, this is a decline of cell function on scalp (pathological alopecia). Work stress, environment pollution, harmful chemicals (physical alopecia). Regular use for people with no hair loss problems will have an excellent affect to nourish your hair and scalp naturally!! Good for men and women on all hair types and hair textures. Functions and Effects: Helps prevent bacterial alopecias, folliculitus, dandruff. Helps stop hair loss and accelerates hair growth naturally with natural plant extract secret ingredients. Results vary by individual. This product is not intended to prevent or cure disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. This product has been consumer tested with great results.