De La Estancia Organic Corn Meal Polenta

USDA organic. Organic. GMO free. Chemical free. 1 minute cooking time but not an instant product. 13 servings. The variety of corn that we use to make our polenta is very different from the corn grown in other parts of the world. The growing season in Argentina is longer than in the Northern Hemisphere and our sub-tropical corn is specially suited for polenta. Argentine corn is higher in protein content and much lower in starch content than common corn and can be milled to a finer consistency. Any recipe you make using de la Estancia polenta will be smooth and creamy. The words de la Estancia in Spanish mean from the farm and de la Estancia organic polenta is truly from the farmer to the final consumer. There are no middlemen. All the polenta in this bag originated on one single farm. We can trace all the polenta in this bag back to corn grown on that farm. De la Estancia polenta is not processed but because of its low starch content and fine grind it cooks naturally in just 1 minute! What is Polenta? In Italy and Latin America Polenta simply means ground corn as well as a delicious dish made from the ground corn. The dish is made by adding dry polenta to simmering liquid and stirring on the heat until the polenta reaches a consistency like thick porridge. A variety of liquids works equally as well as a base, including water, milk, and chicken, beef or vegetable broth. Polenta makes an excellent main meal or side dish. It absorbs sauces and juices especially well and is a substitute for pasta, couscous, and rice. Italians serve it straight from the pot with any pasta sauce that they would serve with pasta. It can also be cooled to form a soft cake that can then be fried, baked or boiled. Certified organic under the rules of the US Department of Agriculture. Wheat and gluten free. Dairy free. Kosher. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. For additional polenta recipes visit our website at National Health & Wellness Club: Member tested and recommended. Corn is milled, but otherwise unprocessed and uncooked. Polenta certified organic by: Argencert S.A. Milled by: Rivara SA. Product of Argentina.