De Cecco Tortiglioni, No. 23

Enriched macaroni product. Cooking time: 12 min. What De Cecco Promises: Since 1887, the De Cecco name and peasant girl trademark have been internationally recognized guarantees of traditionally made, excellent quality pasta. The uninitiated may wonder why pasta connoisseurs demand our traditional blue pack, and perhaps, even De Cecco old-timers, are unaware of the century-old traditions behind their delicious pasta dishes! Wheat from De Cecco family mill comes from the world's best wheat crops and gives our pasta its excellent aroma and nutritional quality. Handmade bronze dies, used in the majority of our manufacturing processes, give our pasta a course, and sauce-absorbing surface. Also, De Cecco means al dente - it keeps its shape and consistency when cooked. thanks to a family-patented drying process which preserves the protein of our choice wheats. Traditions like these have gained De Cecco a unique, gourmet reputation among the world's pastas. Versatile, simple to prepare, and best of all, reliable, De Cecco pasta guarantees first class results every time. Product of Italy.