Clorox Triple Action Dishwasher Pods

New. Scrubs, degreases & shines. Phosphate and chlorine free. Powerful cleaning first time, every time. Powers away food, grease and stains. Ultra grease fighting power. Cleans 48-hour stuck-on food. Eco-friendly biodegradable ingredients. Removes burnt-on food. No-pre-wash needed. Ingredient/Purpose: Sodium carbonate (boosts cleaning power), sodium carbonate peroxide (boosts cleaning and soil removal), sodium citrate (boosts cleaning power), sodium sulfate (mineral based processing aid), itaconic acid/sulfonate copolymer (boosts cleaning on glasses and plasticware), alcohols c12-14, ethoxylated propoxylated (boosts grease cutting), alcohols c12-15, ethoxylated (boosts grease cutting), polyvinyl alcohol (water-soluble packaging), propylene glycol (boosts grease cutting), sodium silicate (helps protect glasses and metals), tetraacethylcethylenediamine (boosts cleaning power), water (processing aid), protease enzyme (boosts protein soil removal), amylase enzyme (boosts starch soil removal), manganese complex (boosts cleaning power), fragrance (fragrance), colorants (colorant). Food safe. Questions call 1-888-325-6769. For more information visit