Choco Listo Powder Mix Drink, Instant, Chocolate

With vitamins and minerals. Iron. A. B1. Calcium. B2. B3. D3. Each 20 g Serving Contains: 80 calories (4%); 16 g sugar (18%); 0, 0g total fat (0%); 0, 0 g saturated fat (0%); 30 mg sodium (1%). The percentage of recommended daily value. Nutresa. Powder mix to prepare instant chocolate drink fortified with vitamins and minerals. Developed by a panel of experts to deliver nutrition to children and support a complete and nourishing growth process. 4 sources to support growth and development. Iron: Contributes with cognitive development. Vitamin A: Strengthens the immune system. Vitamins B1, B2 and B3: Helps in physical performance. Calcium and Vitamin D3: Helps the growth of teeth and bones. Made in Colombia.