Caboo Tissue Bath 12 Pack, 300 Sheets per Roll

Zero trees cut, one tree planted. Made from sustainable bamboo. 1 planet earth. Tree free TP. It's up to us to save our butts. Bamboo bath tissue - septic safe. Great TP without the tree. Caboo is as strong and soft as regular bath tissue. And way better for the earth. Caboo: No Wood: Tree free! More than 1 gallon of water per roll. Bamboo regrows in 1-2 years. Versus. Tree Paper: 1.5 lbs of wood per roll. 37 gallons of water per roll. Trees take 30 years to grow. Toxin free. Wee can make a difference! Tree Free TP preserve forests and protect animal habitat. Wise choice! The forest thanks you. The average family uses 2 trees worth of toilet paper a year. Yikes! Number 1 fan. Way 2 go. Plant based LDPE. Check locally for bag and wrap drop-off sites. FSC: 100% bamboo from well-managed forest. Made from plants bio-based wrap. Outer wrap made from plants, not petroleum. No animal testing. Made from panda friendly bamboo. Biodegradable. Caboo Planet Re-Leaf: 0 trees cut, 1 tree planted. For more info, visit