Buckleys Chest Congestion 4 oz

Guaifenesin/expectorant. Expectorant that thins and loosens mucus. Sugar free. Alcohol free. 100% recyclable. Each Teaspoonful Contains: potassium (2 mg), sodium (3 mg). The story of Buckley's Mixture. Back in 1919, my dad owned his own drug store in Toronto, Canada. In those days, pharmacists would often make their own medicines. (It was called compounding). A lot of Dad's customers were looking for a cough remedy they could count on, so they asked him to come up with one. Dad gave it a lot of thought, and after a great deal of trial and error, he came up with Buckley's Mixture. It was a big hit in the neighborhood, because it was sugar-free, alcohol-free and it wouldn't make you sleepy. The one problem Dad found was Buckley's unique taste. Dad described it as brisk, but to be real honest, it tastes real bad. Today millions of people rely on Buckley's Mixture. So if you have a nagging cough due to a cold, give Buckley's Mixture a try. If you're not completely satisfied, I'll give you your money back. Just remember two things about Buckley's Mixture. It tastes awful. And it works. - Frank Buckley.