Brntsm Oatml Cooki

Premium. With raisins. Made from scratch. No added preservatives. If you're going to have a cookie, have the best! Occasionally, after opening, extreme summer heat or humidity may cause the cookies to lose their perfect crispiness. No problem. Just pop them in the fridge for a bit and presto - they're back to their original crispy perfection. Our Rich & Buttery Masterpiece! Beautifully buttery. Crunchy pecans. Chewy raisins. We packed a lot of favorite flavors and textures into these little beauties. And big ones at that. Notice how every cookie has large pecans and plump raisins - not those little specks you find in most store-bought cookies. It's as if you made them yourself, for yourself, including the fact that there are no added preservatives. We're not sure if anyone actually reads our packaging, but since you are, there's something we'd like to say: Thank you! Whether you've already bought our cookies or are just thinking about it, we want you to know that we've put everything we know about delicious into every bite.