Bob's Red Mill Mung Beans

Whole green gram. Nutritious mung beans are quick-cooking and full of fiber and iron. Their mellow, earthy flavor is perfect for soups, curries and dips. Add mung bean sprouts to salads, sandwiches and wraps for a pleasant crunch and nutritional boost. An employee-owned company. To your good health - Bob Moore. Dear Friends, I can remember learning about the glories of beans when I was a young lad in grammar school. Just before spring holiday, our teacher gave us glass jars filled with soil and a handful of brightly colored beans. I pressed those living seeds into the dirt and when we returned a week later, we were astounded by the sight of the green shoots that had sprung forth. My sense of wonder with beans, their pleasant flavors and healthful bounty thrives on in my line of Heritage Beans. In the US mung beans are best known for the crisp and refreshing bean sprouts they produce, but that is just one of the many wonderful ways to prepare these little green gems. In India mung beans are used to make spicy fritters. A sweet mung bean paste is a popular filling for Chinese pastries, and Filipino cuisine features mung beans in sweet treats and savory soups. I hope that you will delight in the versatile mung bean and explore the world of options it offers by cooking a hearty portion for you and yours. To your good health, Bob Moore. Find inspiring recipes at