Better Body Foods Organic Oat Milk Dairy Free

Plant-based. Separation is natural. Pour yourself a glass! Make rich, creamy and frothy lattes. Wow, and you can bake with it too! There is a reason we call it awesome wholesome Oatsome! Get the best of all worlds, a great tasting organic dairy-free drink that you will love! Pour yourself a tall cold glass. Great on its own, on your cereal or blended into your favorite smoothies. Wherever you use milk, use Oatsome. You will love the creamy taste and texture that no other dairy-free drink possesses. That's it. Food safe. Oats are one of the most sustainable grains. Life is Better when you Eat Better: Switching from dairy or other alternative milks to Oatsome is one of the simplest, most direct (and tastiest) ways you can positively impact the environment. Oats are amond the most sustainable grains on the planet, and require 80% less water to grow than almonds! Together, we can save the planet, one oat at a time! Recycle me! FSC: Mix - Board from responsible sources.