Bee And Flower Honey Wild Flower

This non-pasteurized, pure, raw honey offers the quality and flavor produced only in the hive. Unfiltered for more taste and value, it contains all the naturally occurring pollen, antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins and minerals. We guarantee no value is taken out and no cane sugar, corn syrup, or anything else is ever added. The flavor and nutritious quality of our honey is carefully preserved by using time-honored techniques. Most packers pasteurize and filter their honey up to 160 degrees F to avoid crystallization but Bee Flower and Sun Honey only warms their honey to under 105 degrees F to facilitate handling. Raw Honey will crystallize in the jar. Spoon or spread it with a knife or re-liquefy by gently warming it on the stove in a pan of water. The honey flavor is determined by the predominant blossom source. Our lighter honey, like Star Thistle or Clover, will have a milder flavor, whereas our darker Blueberry and Wildflower will have a bolder flavor. At a time when up to 60% of honey consumed in the USA is imported, Bee Flower and Sun Honey is proudly dedicated to packing solely USA produced honey - pure, raw and of the highest quality, straight from the hive to you. One taste tells. Our pure, raw unfiltered honey has traces of wax, pollen and propolis. Honey Fact: Our pure, raw unfiltered honey will have up to 48000 grains of pollen per teaspoon. Conventional honey is heated and filtered to remove 100% of the pollen to stop crystallization. Beekeepers producing & packing USA Honey since 1973. Support USA beekeeping. Buy USA honey.