Bar Harbor Soup, Clam Corn Chowder

Bar Harbor® New England Style Clam Corn Chowder. Authentic Maine recipe! All natural. Condensed. All-natural seafood speaks for itself. The taste of wind, weather, and clear cold water; it's not a flavor that needs improving. We create our New England Clam Com Chowder in small batches, like people on the Maine coast have for generations - flavored with tender ocean clams and only the highest-quality, all natural ingredients. It's as close to fresh off the docks of Maine as you can get without being here. Bar Harbor® is a special place. You can taste it! No artificial preservatives! No MSG! No trans fat! No GMOs! Green seal. Proudly printed on certified paper. Recycled steel containers, labeled with certified green seal paper and vegetable inks. 207-259-3341. For authentic Maine recipes and FAQ: