Banana Boat Ultra Mist Clear Spray Sheer Protection SPF 85 Sunscreen 6 Oz Aerosol Can

AvoTriplex high UVA. 3-way protection. Sun-tested, sun-proven. Protects & cools, rub-free. Enriched with aloe vera. Very water resistant. Banana Boat UltraMist Ultra Defense Spray - one touch spray for quick, easy coverage! This quick-dry, rub-free formula with patented AvoTriplex technology protects in 3 ways: 1. against sunburn with high UVB protection, 2. against the effects of aging and long-term skin damage with high UVA protection, and 3. lasts longer than ordinary sunscreens since it doesn't break down. now with a new self-locking cap so protection is just a twist away! Rub-free. Fast & easy coverage. Quick-drying. The skin cancer foundation recommends this product as an effective UV sunscreen.