Els Medleys Zesty Mix, Original

Always gluten free. All natural. Lively, robust, zesty, crunchy. Good taste matters. With a house frequently full of friends, El couldn't bear to serve a gluten-free friend the bland snacks that were the only choices available. So, she came up with her own line of gluten-free snacks to please everyone. She knew she'd scored when all of her friends scarfed down her snacks - then asked for more. That's the snack you'll find in this bag - and it's all natural with no preservatives or fake colors. There are no trans-fats or hydrogenated oils; it's full of omega-3s and has whole grains. Most importantly, Medleys has taste. Taste you'll crave, whether you care about wheat or not. And if you do, we sample and test every production run to confirm gluten levels do not exceed 5 PPM (so, no gluten for you. Yay!). JFBI (just feel better instantly). Product of USA.