You’ll Flip for Apples and Dip

Youll Flip For Apples And Dip 1200x300

The versatile apple can be found in just about everything — pies and turnovers, roasts and hashes, salads and sandwiches. Apples also make a quick, healthy snack — especially when paired with a tasty dip! Here are some dips that you can dive into from breakfast to bedtime.


At breakfast, many of us tend to reach for the quickest options we can find, like cereal or a granola bar. These are good choices, but if you’re trying to get more whole foods in your diet, why not try apples with yogurt? Plain yogurt will do, or spice it up with cinnamon and vanilla for a delicious treat. To make it even easier, you can stock up on pre-sliced apples and individual yogurt cups. Just grab and go!

When you’re in that mid-afternoon slump, it can be hard to reach for a healthy snack instead of chips from the office vending machine. But apple slices with hearty nut or seed butter will provide both a quick boost of carbohydrates and enough protein to make you feel full until dinner. Cashew butter, almond butter, sunflower seed butter, or good old peanut butter are all perfect dips for apple slices!

For a dessert-type dip, simple honey or caramel sauce are always great choices. Or you can make a sweet and salty cream cheese dip with brown sugar and vanilla. Use whipped cream cheese so your dip will turn out light and fluffy.


Have fun experimenting with dips for your apple slices this fall! Don’t forget to check out our weekly circular and digital coupons for the latest savings.