Summery Sun Tea!

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Instead of turning on the stove and heating up the whole kitchen to make tea, why not let nature do it for you with sun tea? Steeping tea bags in water warmed by the sun will make you a tasty jug of tea, but without using gas or electricity.


To make, place 8 Foodtown Orange Pekoe tea bags per gallon of water into a large glass jug. Leave it outside in the sun for two to three hours, depending on how hot it is. If it’s a real scorcher, one hour may be enough.

Instead of simple black tea, you can also use a mix of different types of tea bags for your own blend. For example, an infusion of green, hibiscus, and peach teas will make a tasty, fruity combination.

After your tea has steeped, you can sweeten if you wish, and add citrus or herbs. Serve over ice and you’re done!


Looking for a few ideas? Try one of these!

Orange and Mint Sun Tea: Make black tea extra refreshing by adding bright orange slices and mint leaves to the sun tea.

Citrus Spiked Chai Sun Tea: Spicy chai tea is sweetened with a simple citrus simple syrup for an energizing treat.

Peach Sun Tea: A classic favorite! Simply add fresh peaches and Green Way honey to your tea, for an extra taste of summer.


Pick up everything you need to brew up your own sun tea at your local Foodtown store. Be sure to check out our weekly circular and digital coupons for extra savings!