Stay on Track with Meal Prep Hacks

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Meal prep sounds like a great way to save time and eat healthy during your busy week. But who wants to waste a whole Sunday slaving away in the kitchen? Happily, meal prep doesn’t have to take all day with a little planning and patience.


Keep it simple

You don’t need to go on a Pinterest-fueled rampage with your meal prep. Just stick to the basics!

Pick a protein or two and make enough for several meals. Simple chicken breasts or pre-sliced Rancher’s Legend beef round can be cooked in advance and tossed into stir-fries, pastas, soups, or salads for quick dinners during the week.


One-pot meals

Fewer dishes means quicker clean-up, so try some recipes that you can make in one dish.

Load up a sheet pan with chicken or pork and another with chopped veggies. When everything is done, you’ll have the building blocks for tons of tasty meals!

A slow cooker is another great meal-prep tool. Make a big batch of rice and veggies that you can jazz up with different proteins, spices, and sauces. Add some curry powder, cilantro, and chicken for an Indian-inspired meal. Or mix in a little Green Way Organic Salsa, cheese, and steak for a Mexican dinner!


Skip the prep

The quickest way to simplify meal prep? Let us do it for you! Cut produce and pre-cooked protein can save you time and energy.

Foodtown frozen vegetables are ready to cook with no cleaning or chopping. Portion out Green Way frozen fruit with some fresh greens in Ziploc bags, ready to blend into a quick smoothie. And you can pick up a ready-to-eat rotisserie chicken to add to recipes all week long!


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