Start the Day Right!

Two young girls sitting at the table eating breakfast

A new year is a great opportunity to make a fresh start on your goals and plans. But you don’t have to wait until January 1st to make better choices. You can get a fresh start every morning with a healthy breakfast!

A filling but nutritious breakfast doesn’t have to be time-consuming. In fact, some of the healthiest options are also the easiest! Here are a few simple breakfasts that are good for you and taste great.


Savory Breakfast

A whole-grain English muffin topped with Green Way Natural Peanut Butter and sliced banana will provide plenty of carbs for energy, plus protein to keep you full until lunch. You could also top it with smashed avocado or hummus!


If you just can’t have breakfast without eggs, why not try a bite-sized egg treat that you can bake ahead and eat on the go? A Muffin Tin Strata with plenty of veggies can be made on the weekend and reheated all week long for a meal in a minute.


Sweet Breakfast

What could be easier than yogurt and fruit for breakfast? Greek yogurt is high in protein, and it contains probiotics that are good for intestinal health. Chopped fruit on top adds sweetness and carbs for a balanced meal.


For a hot breakfast, Foodtown Old Fashioned Oats cook in just five minutes. Oatmeal is high in heart-healthy fiber and iron. Top your oats with fresh fruit and nuts for a simple and filling start to your day!


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