Nut-Free and Fun-Filled Lunches

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Keeping everyone safe at summer camp means being mindful of nut allergies, whether your kiddo has them or not! The best way you can help is to send your child off to camp with a nut-free lunch.  


Think outside the sandwich

Avoiding nuts doesn’t mean you’re limited to sandwiches. Try a healthy snack pack with a hard boiled egg, sliced turkey or ham, fruit, and veggies.

Or send a DIY pizza lunch. Sandwich thins, shredded mozzarella, a cup of pizza sauce, and some pepperoni are all you’ll need for fun mini-pizzas.

You can also pre-make some simple quesadillas. Grill Mexican cheese, corn, and black beans between two tortillas. Cut them into quarters and pack them with cups of guacamole and sour cream.

Veggie sticks are easy to prepare and pack. Give kids a tasty spread to dip them in like guacamole, Foodtown salsa, or try this simple seed-free hummus recipe.

And remember, summer is Berry Patch time at Foodtown! We’ll have great deals on fresh berries all summer long — perfect to send off to camp for a sweet snack.


Keep it fun!

You can turn a packed lunch into an exciting part of the day with a little creativity. Write an encouraging napkin note to your child. Or decorate their sandwich bag or paper bag with a simple drawing.

If you’re not the artsy type, that’s ok. A pair of googly eyes and a marker or two are all you’ll need for easy silly faces. Or just use some stickers to brighten up your camper’s day.

You can get all the supplies you’ll need for summer camp lunches at Foodtown. Right now, paper plates, plastic cups, foil, napkins, and storage bags are on sale – so stock up!


For more summer savings, check out our Weekly Circular. And remember Foodtown On the Go (where available) offers in-store pickup or home delivery!