Holiday Stock Up

flour, butter, cinnamon and sugar on table

You’ve planned your holiday cooking schedule down to the minute. You have exactly 45 minutes to get this pie in the oven in order to stay on track. It’s time to add the shortening to your pie crust and — YOU’RE ALL OUT!

Sound like a nightmare?

Well it’s easily avoidable! Before the season gets too hectic, do a holiday stock up. Check the pantry for anything that might be running low or near its expiration date, like spices or yeast. Think about the treats you like to make every holiday season. What will you need?

We’ve put together a handy list to get you started with your festivity essentials. Most of these kitchen fundamentals are available in our own, Foodtown or Green Way brands – quality products for less. And less spent on groceries means more savings for holiday cheer!


Feast Basics

Don’t be caught without a way to tie up that turkey or prevent your pie from browning too quickly! Stocking up on these staples will let you sail through the holidays with ease.


Vegetable oil

Butcher’s twine

Cranberry sauce

Chicken broth

Aluminum foil





Baking Supplies

Got any cookies, pies, or cakes in your holiday forecast? Check this list for some of the baking fundamentals that you may need.


All-purpose flour


Brown sugar


Baking powder, baking soda, and yeast

Vegetable shortening

Vanilla extract

Evaporated milk

Canned pumpkin or pumpkin pie filling


Just in Case Sweets

If you find yourself with surprise guests (or just really need to satisfy your own sweet tooth), don’t be caught without something satisfying.


Dried fruit

A few types of chocolate

Store-bought cookies

Maple syrup

Hot cocoa mix


We have everything you’ll need for a well-stocked pantry at Foodtown! Check our Weekly Circular and Digital Coupons for the latest deals!