DIY Strawberry Face Scrub & Mask

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Face masks can transform downtime into indulgent rest and relaxation. This Mother’s Day, create a moment of luxury for Mom by making her an all-natural strawberry face mask and scrub.

Whipping up a homemade strawberry face mask isn’t just sweet; it’s also smart. By sticking to ingredients from your local Foodtown, you’ll avoid harsh chemicals that can dry or irritate skin. Strawberries are natural powerhouses of Vitamin C and alpha-hydroxy acids that will leave you and your mom’s skin with a glow.

After you make the masks, slice the remaining strawberries and arrange on a nice tray. You and Mom can snack while you lounge with face masks on. Waiting for the glow is half the fun!


Make your own Strawberry Scrub & Mask

Exfoliation is key to soft skin, so we recommend this scrub & mask combo for baby-soft skin.

For the scrub, we recommend Foodtown Olive Oil. Olive oil nourishes skin as it’s exfoliated.

Source: The Blue Dress Girl