Cookies for Santa

Santa Claus reaching for a plate of cookies and milk that were left out for him.

Christmas is almost here!

Have you decided what kind of cookies you’re going to leave for the big guy yet? Leaving treats for Santa has been a tradition since back in the 1930s  — the same decade that brought us Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Coca-Cola’s first Santa ad!

If you need a little cookie inspiration, we’ve got you covered.


Classic Christmas Sugar Cookies are always a hit, and you can shop for everything you need at your local Foodtown store! Cut them into festive trees, wreaths, or snowflakes, and decorate with colorful icing.

Delicate sandwich cookies filled with sweet jam put a fun spin on holiday treats, and spicy gingerbread will warm Santa up while he makes his rounds.

You can also stand out from the crowd with more adventurous flavors like chai tea, dulce de leche, or matcha. Santa is a world traveler, so he loves to try new things!


If you don’t have time to bake a batch of cookies during the hectic holiday season, Santa will understand. Even Mrs. Clause can be overwhelmed with the cooking at this time of year.

Fortunately, Santa is an equal-opportunity cookie lover. Homemade or store-bought, he’s not picky. So pick up some Foodtown cookies on your next grocery trip. With online shopping, you can even get everything you need delivered right to your stoop!

Don’t forget to leave some carrots and apples for the reindeer. They’re working hard too!


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