Brand Name vs. Generic Food: Is There Really a Difference?

Store Brand Groceries

From boxes of cereal to cans of vegetables, it isn’t uncommon for consumers to shell out an extra few dollars for brand name products. Unfortunately, those few extra dollars per product, per week, add up quickly! One of the easiest ways to trim your weekly grocery bill is to shop for generic brand products. Worried you’ll lose out on quality, nutrition, and flavor? Despite the common misconception that these products are less effective and less enjoyable, Foodtown is proud to reveal that our selection of store brand products is just as good, if not better than their name brand counterparts. In fact, Foodtown offers a Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our all Foodtown brand products, which are tested against national brands to make sure they are just as good. Here’s a closer look at the surprising facts behind the brand name vs. generic food debate.

The Truth Behind the Myths of Store Brand Products

Myth #1: Store Brand Products Aren’t as Tasty

Many shoppers opt for brand name cereals, snacks, and dairy products believing that the extra cost is going towards extra tasty flavor. On the contrary, store brand products boast just as much—in some cases, more—flavor. In fact, in the many blind taste test research studies that have been conducted throughout the years, consumers are almost never able to tell the difference between the store brand and the brand name products. In some instances, the store brand is actually preferred.

Myth #2: Store Brand Products Aren’t as Nutritious

Similar to the common misconception of taste, shoppers often fall victim to believing that brand name products are higher in nutrients and lower in sugar, fat, and sodium. During your next visit to Foodtown, take a closer look at the labels. You’ll likely be surprised to find that labels of our store brand foods are almost always identical to the brand name products. In some instances, store brands even offer a lower sugar content, a lower sodium content, and higher nutritional value.

Myth #3: Store Brand Products Aren’t as Effective

Consumers often hold onto the same believes in the wellness and cleaning aisles as they do in the food aisles. Many shoppers don’t realize that the FDA does regulate generic brand medication, and mandates that they contain the same active ingredients as their name brand counterparts. Similarly, most store brand cleaning products include the exact same ingredients. Here’s another instance where checking the label could benefit your wallet.

So Why Are Brand Name Products More Expensive?

When it comes to cost comparison, brand name products can ring it at anywhere from 30 cents to 5 dollars more, making many consumers believe they are paying for an extra dose of quality. As we’ve discovered, that isn’t always the case, so where does the extra cost come in? Advertising! Big brand names pay for commercials, magazine ads, and more, all of which must be paid off in some way. Hence, the higher price point. Despite what many shoppers believe, quality, nutrition, and taste often have nothing to do with.

Shop High-Quality Foodtown Brand Products

During your next visit to Foodtown, we invite you to take the brand name vs. generic food test by taking a closer look at the labels of our Foodtown brand products, as well as the products from our health and beauty store brand, Top Care. We bet you’ll be surprised to see they are just are good as—if not better than—their brand name alternatives!

On top of the savings you’ll experience when shopping store brand products, Foodtown shoppers will benefit from the money-saving specials found in our weekly circular and digital coupons app. Be sure to take advantage of both during your next visit to Foodtown.