What Makes Foodtown One of the Best Places to Buy Pet Supplies?

When shopping for groceries to support the needs of your family, it is important to consider the needs of your furry friends—your pets! For many, pets are considered a beloved member of the family and deserving of the best in pet food, toys, and wellness products. However, at local and chain pet stores, the best can come at a steep price. Fortunately, we are proud to cater to pet lovers by offering an array of pet supplies—including food, treats, toys, and grooming products—from the brands you know and love. This, in addition to the money-saving benefits of our Pet Club, makes your local Foodtown supermarket one of the best places to buy pet supplies.

Affordable Product Prices for Pets of all Kinds

Dogs, cats, hamsters, oh my! At Foodtown, we know that pets come in all shapes and sizes and are thrilled to offer affordable prices on everything you need to keep your furry friend healthy and happy. When you visit Foodtown during your weekly grocery store trip, take a walk through our Pet Department to stock up on:

Dog & Cat Products
Foodtown supports the needs of Fido and Tigger at every stage of their life. Within our pet department, you will find kibble that supports healthy development during the puppy and kitten years, as well as nourishing food for beloved senior dogs and cats. For those with special dietary requirements, you will find a selection of products that are organic, grain-free, supportive of dental health, and more. Foodtown shoppers can also stock up on affordable pet toys, treats, and other essentials, such as litter.

Small Animal Products

Even the needs of these low-maintenance animals can be costly. To help our shoppers stay within budget, we are pleased to offer an array of affordable products for fish, reptiles, guinea pigs, and other small animals. Within the aisles of many of our locations, you will find items such as fish flake food and reptile sticks.

Bird Products

Whether you have a pet cockatiel or are simply looking to maintain your birdhouse for the songbirds that call your garden home, rely on Foodtown for affordable bird seed. The Pet Department of many Foodtown supermarkets is stocked with things like loose bags of nut and fruit blends, specialty blends for certain kinds of birds, and suet cakes.

Budget-Friendly Prices Courtesy of Foodtown’s Pet Club

At the convenience of our customers, Foodtown is pleased to offer affordable groceries for every member of your family—including your pets! Learn more about the advantages and ongoing discounts of our Pet Club and be sure to sign up for a Club Card at your local grocery store. You’ll soon see what makes Foodtown one of the best places to buy pet supplies!

Locate a Foodtown grocery store near you or shop online for the pet products you need. In addition to the ongoing savings of our Pet Club, be sure to browse our Weekly Circular to find additional savings and discounts.