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    Est. 2006 - The Murph. Even as a child, Stephen Murphy, better known today as The Murph was intrigued by the nuances of enhancing the taste of foods and beverages. Legend has it he refused to eat his baby food without a pinch of cinnamon! The Murph was a huge fan of chilled tomato juice, yet even he found it to be somewhat bland. So he experimented; he tried various spices and seasonings to fire up his beloved juice. Later on, The Murph took his passion into the world of the bloody mary. He tried every concoction, using his friends as barometers for success. The Murph took pride in creating the perfect bloody mary for his friends and family. So, after years of tinkering, we have The Murph's famous bloody mary mix. Whether heading to a party, the beach club, tailgating, a morning brunch or any time the mood calls for a delicious tasting bloody mary, The Murph's Famous is the right mix for you. www.murphsfamous.com. For delicious recipe ideas and interesting new dishes visit our web site. The Murph reminds you to drink & serve responsibly. All natural. No preservatives. Comments, questions, inquiries? Visit The Murph at www.murphsfamous.com. A product of the USA.






    Murphs Famous