Zhenas Gypsy Tea Organic Tag Free Round Tea Bags, Raspberry Earl Grey

Scented Organic Black Tea blend for lifting the spirit. USDA Organic; Fair Trade Certified. This gypsy blend is a delicate brew of South Indian black teas from the exquisite Nilgiri region. While traveling in India, I met the women who pluck these teas for us. They are happy - the leaves are precious to them. I believe so much that we can taste the joy from these fair trade gardens. These women are ensured maternity leave, health care, and fair wages. Neither they nor their children will ever be forced to work, but rather will be sustained by our fair purchase of their tea leaves. Fair Trade means that everyone wins - this the gypsy way. What you taste is joy, and joy to me is reality. Never before has a raspberry been so sweet as this! Italian Oil of Bergamot Orange melds with fresh raspberries for the finest perfumed tea in the world. Like silk on the palate, this blend is made for blissful gypsy moments. These leaves are not only grown using careful, artisan methods but are Fair Trade. So enjoy, because with each sip, you are helping to save the world. With great joy I present this elegant and conscious blend for your enjoyment--with so much love! This tea contains 1/2 the caffeine of coffee. Certified Organic Quality Assurance International.