Yellow Out Yellow Out

Makes your dingy whites bright! Removes yellowing and rust stains from white laundry. Better and safer than bleach. Read entire label before using. Yellow Out (YO) is a unique laundry additive and booster designed to remove rust, yellowing, and dinginess caused by aging and iron in your water supply. YO is safe and can be used on all washable colorfast fabrics (see instructions for colored fabrics), and can be used along with your regular detergent. YO will also remove or lighten tough stains such as transferred dye and color runs caused when white fabrics are mistakenly washed with colored items. YO is tough on stains but will not harm fabric like chlorine bleach. Use YO regularly to prevent rust build up, discoloring, and keep fabrics their whitest and brightest. Product settles. Sold by weight not volume. Safe for septic tanks. Contains no phosphates. Made in USA.