Spray Nine® Heavy-Duty Cleaner/Degreaser 22 fl. oz. Trigger Spray

Spray Nine® Heavy-Duty Cleaner's incredible dirt-busting power tackles the toughest cleaning jobs around the home and garage. Cuts through stubborn grease, grime and hard-to-remove stains. Spray Nine® kill viruses* and bacteria†, and helps control mold and mildew, on hard non-porous surface. Contains no bleach and destroys odors. Ideal For: Equipment, tools, motors, work benches, bumpers, rocker panels, RVs, trailers, conveyors, walls, floors, garbage bins, gutters, vents, vinyl sidings, patio furniture, sporting equipment, BBQ's, boats, hot tubs & pools, kitchens, washroom surfaces, carpet, upholstery, fiberglass, vinyl, rubber, plastic, glazed tile, glazed porcelain, painted/treated metals and much more. Tough on Grease and Grime! Disinfects in 45 Seconds† Kills Viruses*, Removed Mold & Mildew Triple Threat: Cleans • Degreases • Disinfects NSF CertifiedNonfood Compounds Program Listed (C1)