Santa Cruz Organic Sensible Sippers 100% Juice for Kids, Apple Flavor, 32 Oz.

Exciting for Kids & Parents Alike Limit the sugar, not the fun! Santa Cruz Organic Sensible Sippers organic juice blends are the 100% juice options that fuel your kids′ curiosity with amazing tastes — and significantly less sugar than comparable alternatives. The Magic of Only Good Ingredients These clever kids′ juices contain no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors, and no high fructose corn syrup. Yet every sip is full of delicious flavor, so kids will be happy to hydrate. How? Each flavor is a special blend of organic fruit juice and veggie juice, for plenty of sweetness without all the sugar. What Makes This Flavor So Awesome This fantastic Apple flavor is made from totally tasty organic apples and a blend of organic zucchini and coconut juices for the perfect balance to send their taste buds soaring. Yet it contains 25% less sugar than the comparable alternative. It′s a smart and tasty way to pour more joy into their day. Stock up now, and keep some handy for all their everyday adventures.