Sambazon Juice Blend, Superfood, Organic, Strawberry + Lemon + Acai Berry

Per Bottle: 100 berries; 70 calories. 100. Non GMO Project verified. USDA organic. You're holding the best juice we've ever made. In fact, we believe it's the No. 1 superfood juice on the planet! Why? Because it delivers Amazon Superfood nutrition with a fraction of the calories and sugars found in most juices. Powerful antioxidants & healthy omegas. Less than 1/3 the sugars found in other premium juices. Lightly sweetened with our organic blend of stevia and erythritol (a fermented sweetener). The Discovery: Our journey began in 1999 on a surf trip to Brazil where locals shared acai (ah-sigh-ee) with us. They told us it was the most nutritious fruit found in the Amazon, and we were instantly hooked. When we learned that the wild harvesting of acai berries could both create jobs and help protect the Amazon Rainforest, we made it our mission to share the delicious powers of acai with the world. Purple Smiles, - Jeremy, Ryan, Ed. Vegan & gluten free. Approved Fair Trade by Ecocert. Acai supply chain. Fair Trade approved by Ecocert Environment according to the ESR standards available at Certified organic by QAI. Flash pasteurized. Contains 100% juice. Made in USA.