Salem Baking Flatbread Crackers, Rosemary & Olive Oil

All natural. With rosemary infused extra virgin olive oil. Salem Baking Company's artisan baking heritage dates back to 1930. At our bakery located in the foothills of North Carolina, we specialize in time honored recipes and distinctive products which are baked in the homemade tradition using the finest, all natural ingredients from around the world. Rosemary & olive oil. These all-natural flatbread crackers are infused with just the right balance of aromatic rosemary and extra virgin olive oil, then baked until they're irresistibly crispy and crunchy. Enjoy them on their own, try pairing them with Boursin cheese and prosciutto, or discover a favorite combination of your own. Whether you're entertaining guests, or enjoying a quiet moment all to yourself, they're the cracker you'll want to reach for again and again.