Glory Kale & Brussels Sprouts

Glory Foods® Power Essence Kale & Shredded Brussels Sprouts. Add to any meal for a natural source of vitamins & antioxidants. Ready for use in your favorite recipes. 40 calories. 0g sat fat. 30mg sodium. Vitamin A, 120% DV. Southern food with a soulful heritage: Glory Food® Southern-flavored greens, beans, squash and more - are fresh picked at the peak of their flavor and nutrients, washed, bagged and ready to cook. Fresh food. Fast. Because Glory Foods knows you'd rather spend your time eating a home-cooked meal that nurtures the soul, than preparing one. Good Taste For The Table, Good Taste For The Soul®. Glory Foods® is a registered trademark owned by and used under license from Glory Foods, Inc. If you have questions or comments about Glory Foods Product, please call 1-877-404-5679.