Marcal Mega Paper Towel Rolls, 8 Pack

Marcals brand's newly improved product feature all the qualities you love without all the extra cost! Now brighter sheets for a brighter day! SustainabilityFor over 80 years Marcal has been caring for your family and fostering longevity for the world we live in:Environmental Sustainability: Recycled products mean we can grow our business while nurturing the planet.Social Sustainability: Being made in the U.S.A., we emphasize community outreach and engagement while fostering employee advancement and wellness.Economic Sustainability: Our commitment is to exceed governing practices which translates to better products at a great value. Now Brighter Sheets! 8 Mega Rolls = 12 Regular Rolls* 60% More Sheets Per Roll! Than Our Regular Roll 120 Sheets Per Roll Spend Less, Get More.**