Bell Evans Italian Style Breaded Chicken Patty

No artificial flavorings. Per Serving: 220 calories; 3.5 g sat fat (18% DV); 470 mg sodium (20% DV); 2 sugars; 20 g protein (40% DV). The excellent chicken. Made from chicken raised without antibiotics. What 100% air chilled means for you. No retained water including no chlorinated water. The Air Chilled difference: Individually slow chilled; Natural juices not diluted; More tender, flavorful chicken. The Bell & Evans Difference: Our products are made from chicken: Raised without antibiotics - including no ionophores - in the feed, water, through intramuscular injection or in ovo (egg) - ever. Fed USA grown grain. All vegetarian diet. All chickens are fed grains grown in the USA. No hexane solvent processed soybean oil. No preservatives. No fillers or extenders. No DDGS (Distiller's Dry Grains with Solubles). No ethanol by-products. Expeller pressed soybean oil. Our patties are flash-fried in our soybean oil, that comes from US grown expeller-pressed soybeans. No hexane solvent used in our process. Nitrogen Frozen: instant quick freeze. Locks in freshness and natural juices. Produced in a Bell & Evans Facility: produced in our own Bell & Evans processing facility. Family owned and operated since 1894. Flash fried in organic expeller pressed soybean oil to set breading. Inspected for wholesomeness by US Department of Agriculture. Pinterest. Facebook. Hatched, raised and harvested in the US.