Late July Classic Rich Sandwich Crackers, Snack Packs, Cheddar Cheese

Organic. No trans fats. No hydrogenated oil. No preservatives. No artificial flavors or colors. Lacto Vegetarian. Thank you for buying our Organic Cheddar Cheese & Classic Rich Sandwich Crackers. Our sandwich crackers are made with aged organic cheddar cheese from carefully selected dairy farms where healthy cows eat organic feed, and are never given hormones or antibiotics. The milk is blended, cheddared and aged to produce the mild, but well developed flavor. We then spread the cheese on our Organic Classic Rich Crackers. Their flaky texture and buttery, toasted flavor makes them a perfect complement for our flavorful, organic cheddar cheese; the result is an organic trans fat free, home-style version of a classic combination. It's a tasty snack that you and your family can feel good about eating.